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Rigonato J, …[6 authors]…, Gregory AC, …[27 authors]…, Olivier Jaillon. Ocean-wide comparisons of mesopelagic planktonic community structures. Accepted at Nature Communications.



Si J, Vázquez-Castellanos JF, Gregory AC, Decommer L, Rymenans L, Proost S, Kiechl S, Tilg H, Raes J. Long-term life history predicts current gut microbiome in a population-based cohort study. Nature Aging. 77, 885.


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Gazitúa MC, Vik D, Roux S, Gregory AC, Bolduc B, Hallam SJ, Ward BB, Ulloa O, Sullivan MB. Potential virus-mediated nitrogen cycling in oxygen-depleted oceanic waters. The ISME J. 15, 981-998.


Gregory AC*, Zablocki O*, Zayed AA, Howell A†, Bolduc Benjamin, Sullivan MB (*co-first authors). The Gut Virome Database reveals age-dependent patterns of virome diversity in the human gut. Cell Host & Microbe. 28, 724-740. †undergraduate mentee


PRESS: Ohio State News (, Science Daily, News Medical Life Sciences, Down to Earth Magazine, New Atlas, United Press International


Vrancken G*, Gregory AC*, Huys GRB, Faust K, Raes J (*co-first authors). Synthetic ecology of the human gut microbiota. Nature Reviews Microbiology. 17, 754-763.

Salazar G*, Paoli L*,… [8 authors]…, Gregory AC, … [32 authors]…, Sunagawa S (*co-first authors). Gene expression changes and community turnover differentially shape the global ocean metatranscriptome. Cell. 179, 1068-1083.

Ibarbalz FM*,… [8 authors]…, Gregory AC, … [35 authors]…, Bowler C, Zinger L. Global trends in marine plankton diversity across kingdoms of life. Cell. 179, 1084-1097.


Gregory AC*, Zayed AA*,… [29 authors]…, Sullivan MB (*co-first authors). Marine viral macro- and micro-diversity from pole to pole. Cell. 117, 1109-1123.

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Gregory AC, Sullivan MB, Segal LN, Keller BC. Smoking drives quantifiable differences in the human DNA lung virome and metabolome. Respiratory Research. 19,174.



Kang D-W*, Adams JB*, Gregory AC*,…[10 authors]…, Sullivan MB, Caporaso J.G., Krajmalnik-Brown R (*co-first authors). Microbiota transfer alters gut ecosystem and improves gastrointestinal and autism symptoms: an open-label study. Microbiome. 5,10.


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Gregory AC, Solonenko SA, Ignacio-Espinoza JC, LaButti K, Copeland A, Sudek S,  Maitland A†, Chittick L†, dos Santos F†, Weitz JS, Worden AZ, Woyke T, Sullivan MB. Genomic differentiation among wild cyanophages despite widespread horizontal gene transfer. BMC Genomics. 17, 930. †undergraduate mentees



Brum JR*, Ignacio-Espinoza JC*, Roux S*, …[8 authors]…, Gregory AC, … [19 authors]…,Sullivan MB (*co-first authors). Global patterns and ecological drives of ocean viral communities. Science. 348, 1261498.


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Deng L, Ignacio-Espinoza JC, Gregory AC, Poulos BT, Weitz JS, Hugenholtz P, Sullivan MB. (2014) Viral tagging reveals discrete population structure in Synechococcus viral genome space. Nature 511: 1476-4687.


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Goffredi SK, Gregory A, Jones WJ, Morella NM, Sakamoto RI. Ontogenetic variation in epibiont community structure in the deep-sea yeti crab, Kiwa puravida: Convergence among crustaceans. Molecular Ecology. Special Issue: Nature’s Microbiome,1-16.



Deng L, Gregory A, Yilmaz S, Poulos BT, Hugenholtz P, Sullivan MB. Contrasting strategies of viruses that infect photo- and hetero- trophic bacteria revealed by viral-tagging. mBio. 3, e00373-12.


PRESS: F1000 Highlight

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