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Viromics Lab

in the Dept. of Biological Sciences

Linking viral genotypes and phenotypes to ecosystems processes

The Integrative Viromics Lab studies the impact of viruses across ecosystems. Our main focus is the human virome, which is the collection of viruses that reside in and on the human body. While research on the human microbiome has found that our resident bacteria and archaea have profound effects on our development, physiology and health, we know relatively little about the role of viruses. We combine systems biology (‘omics tools) and reductionist (culturing and synthetic ecology) approaches to explore (1) how the virome interacts with other microorganisms and our immune system, (2) how the virome contributes to our development and health, and (3) how can we utilize the virome to develop novel disease management strategies for microbial-associated diseases. For information on ongoing projects, check out the research page.

Study Systems

Human Gut

Female Reproductive Tract

Canadian Ecosystems

One Health @ UCalgary

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